Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun = Attitude + Methods + Tools

I start my days as a Lion, but end them as a Chicken. I really really hate this!

Fun! Remember to keep everything you do funny enough! What you don't like is what you MUST improve! That is what Joy of a Child means.

You must improve your Attitude, Methodology or Tools related to the thing you hate.

Mother/Father, Feelings/Reasoning, Randomness/Order ... it is not determining which one is the best or worst, it is to find the perfect balance or equilibrium between them.

Fate/Luck/FreeWill, Yes/Randomness/e+Motion ... that is the way things improve and get better; although sometimes a Big Bang is needed from time to time. An action that will make both of those extremes shake strongly!

But then, what about that philosophical need of Improvement that we all have in our souls? There's no contradiction! Making something funnier is also an Improvement, isn't it?

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