Thursday, February 11, 2010

Opposite of Yes? Sleep and Rest!

Everybody was taught that the opposite of Good is Bad, and of Yes is No... Total lie! The real opposite is to sleep and rest! You might have the highest stamina all over the world, and even you, Mr. Super-Macho-Man, will have to rest... a daily rest!!

How small should rest be? Some people say eight hours. Seems logical that twelve hours should be the ideal rest, because day has twenty four hours: half day working, and half day resting.

Yeah, I used work instead of Yes. It is because that is the root of all of these writings. I have always known positivists who have always promoted a positive or Yes attitude. Well, I have walked a long path to arrive at this point.

Motivation, Goals, Improvement (prototype, 0.01%), Love (e+motion, randomness), Faith, Courage... Yes! Then, I started to hunt for everything that will hinder my "positivism". I found five hindrances. I tried to reduce or group them, only to notice than I will easily forget one if I summarize them.

Well, here you are, the five (and not Jackson... :-D)
  • Sleep/Rest: the first and most important one. You can ignore it today, but it will haunt you tomorrow.
  • Laziness: this one appears from time to time in form of boredom, but moments that it really annoys me are either before or after resting.
  • Curiosity: anything you would like to test, taste, prove, experiment, etc. "Yes" or "Positivism" likes to hide itself inside curiosities.
  • Distractions: they may be confused with curiosities... Don't confuse them! Special and Important sources of distractions are relatives and friends!
  • Discipline: finally the last, and an important one. This one is very vast. In a summary, it is like to whip yourself either to do what you must or by doing what you should not.
See? These kind of thoughts are crazy, but somehow, when I write them somewhere, I feel they help me to get myself better. And it's very comfortable when you look back what you wrote five or ten years ago...

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