Sunday, January 31, 2010

Courtesy and Thanks

Vice circles of vice circles! You rip what you sow. Courtesy and thanks. I am no telepathic, but people bring conclusions from the way I use communication channels.

- We must practice Courtesy, because life offers us things in unexpected and slow ways
- But this way of thought promotes inertia!
- Yes, like any other no-improvable way

Knowing is good, imagining is better, but patience and hard work are much better than those. So, when you are overwhelmed by work, and have low patience, remember to be polite: because you can catch more bees if you use honey, instead of salt.

- Patience and courtesy? I have achieved great results when I go to extremes!
- But people seek equilibrium from time to time. Remember to be polite during your extreme.

- Courtesy, patience, torture or sacrifice, no mind, extremes, equilibrium ... The gift of Life is so difficult to maintain!
- When Somebody gives you a present, in which happiness do you think? In yours or His? He is God!

Women might blush when men give them flowers, but men might also blush if women show their affection and thanks with a little kiss. If somebody gives you a pair of shoes, instead of saying "I feel happy. I really needed them", try to remember this: "I really appreciate your attention and sacrifice for helping me in your need. I don't think this is enough to show how very grateful I feel, but I wish you understand that I really thank you for it". Don't repeat Lord's Prayer with empty heart! Express your feelings!

That present may help you in your needs, but remember that everybody has a need of affection, even rich and powerful ones. Increase their affection and pride for you!

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