Sunday, January 17, 2010

Strugglers pull my tears out!

I dropped one or two tears while seeing Gran Torino. It's a very good movie with some very funny quotes. A christian thought I got during some of my laughs was "Will God punish Walt by talking that way to a 'padre'?" LOL

I can identify any aspect of me with every character in the movie, including those gangs and Walt's family. But mainly, my fun was in Walt's life and my sadness was in Tao's. Maybe, when I get old, those feelings will switch...

You have a lot of struggles, then you lost something important; then you struggle again to improve your situation or to defend it, and you achieved it, but your actions brings something else and you lose again; then you struggle again... Oh God, when will this stop? When I die, of course.

Then, between struggles, we ask ourselves why we get too much suffering. Other times we ask why those bad things happened, because everything was going too well and calm!

Life is hard, so I identify with life strugglers, because they show these life's bad aspects with their actions, something like saying "Hey, it's alright that we invented things like cellphones and internet, but there are still important things that we need to invent to improve our inner life style. Look at my example..."

The sad part of our actual method is that, in order to set a good example, somebody needs to die...

Funny Note: the last barber shop scene, when Tao learns how to talk like a man, is really good and hilarious!! :-D

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