Saturday, January 9, 2010


The pleasure of Randomness, the magic of "Yes", impulses and instincts, extremes, that silly pattern of us to do everything but what is perfectly stated and proven, the kick that started this Pythagorean Device that we all call Universe, the fact that our boredom prompts us to switch activities determined by our state of mind; that we need to guess, predict, or calculate our unknown path in life, and we don't know who has the right answer to all of our problems, and that we should develop our own answers; that the majority of us are not geniuses, that we still keep searching even after we achieved many of our dreams, and how hard is to maintain an equilibrium of everything; that everything has a start and an end; that Earth is not the only inhabited planet in this Universe, but it seems the majority can't prove that; that we always pray when we walk through dangerous neighborhoods (I'd like to know what an atheist would do), all those seemingly unrelated thoughts that I (or maybe you) have during all your life; about that big effort we put on useless things; the paradox of how hard is to forget things we want, and to keep things that we easily forget; "God created man in his own image", so it seems He has many of our faults, right? ; No Mind and/or Just Do it ; ...

WHY DO THESE THINGS DO EXISTS? ONLY TO EXERCISE OUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE? Come on! I believe there is a more selfish purpose for creating the Universe! Although to demand Love should be enough selfish for me.

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