Friday, January 15, 2010

hundredTH percent

Magic of Yes, Randomness, 1%, Divide and Conquer, e+motion. All these simple ideas tend to greatly reduce the struggle we have when we need to make choices, or start working, even though we were always taught that we should give our 100%.

100% is too much stress, so I think that 0.01% is more compelling and simpler. Even if you lose motivation, doing your 0.01% can really motivate you.

You only need to devise the most idiotically simple activity to your goal, and then each time you lose motivation, do it. you will be amazed how you easy you can keep the ball of motivation rolling after that silly kick start.

You may have many vices, habits or hobbies. For example, mine are:
  • Playing chess: arrange pieces, open a book
  • Playing fighting games: choosing practice mode and do simple combos
  • Reading manga: simply check out new releases, or award-winning ones
  • Movies and series: follow buzzwords or famous names
  • Music, drinks, party, dancing: simply choose a nice and random discotheque
  • Women: simply look at them
If you check them, all these "habits" started from small amounts, so small that they can be so simple to do, and even embarrassing to avoid them.

This 0.01% thought reminds me something a Very Important Being said: "Because your faith is too small. I tell you the truth, if your faith is as big as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there', and it will move. All things will be possible to you." And yet, I trying to improve my auto-motivation...

Even though, it seems the 0.01% of a vice is bigger than the 0.01% of a goal, but both are easy. ;-D

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