Thursday, January 21, 2010

First, second and third person

One day I was trying to give an example of how women reject men if they have some faults in their bodies. In this case I put myself as an example, and immediately somebody said "Aw, you have low self-esteem!" What the hell? If I knew that, then I would choose that person as an example :-P

Anyway, examples are good. I never knew people were more interested in how I am instead of what I know. This is why I have problems with each singular pronouns:
  • If you use first person, it is too compelling but motivating enough that people may think you are talking about yourself.
  • If you use second person, it is too aggressive, and people might think you are offending them.
  • If you use third person, it is too empty and people tends to think you are a gossiper.
Examples are good, but even with your best intentions and explanations, people can misinterpret the way you choose your words.

You want to send a message, but people keeps changing its words associations. What yesterday was offensive, now is colloquial or even standard common sense!! but viceversa also happens, and what is common sense now, tomorrow could be aggressive.

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