Thursday, January 21, 2010

A nice day is possible, if you can $$$

Life not bad if you have means of enjoying it or to convince people to do what you want (e.g. money), neither loneliness. You can really have a good time if you go wherever you want with enough money for you to spend, even if you are alone.

You could go to the movies to see a successful movie like Avatar; or to visit many clubs and enjoy them until they get closed; to know new people and new places, and do new things.

I saw Avatar. The idea of the connection between living beings and the ability to switch bodies is very interesting. It keeps me dreaming.

I saw The Love Guru movie. Although it has cliches of comedy, action, love couples, and most importantly, deep messages, I liked this comedy very much.

I know people who likes Austin Power. I don't like that character, but I like Guru Pitka's jokes!

Doing unknown things may bring unknown enjoyment, or not.

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