Friday, January 8, 2010

Balance Vs. Extremes

50% God, 50% Us. No matter what your dream is, a half of the total work belongs to you. God rarely does a complete work. Count on God only if that work is impossible for you, this is, if you only can do 1% of it.

Why should life be hard? Fight too much to satisfy your own desires, or simply give a blink eye to all detestable aspects of work, in order to keep going?

To fight against life, to live by illusions, to know what makes Money and Sex so attractive, ... I believe their attraction it is not only because of pleasure and power. They should have something more spiritual hidden inside them.

I am trying to compare Sex and Art: think about sex, think about art; wish sex, wish art; remind sex, remind art; then, what about to see, to have an opportunity, or to do sex? What about those circumstances that arise, and you don't have control about when these "offerings" appear?

These are things I think that helps in order to increase my motivations towards an art: Memories, 1%, Infinite Improvements, Think=Act, People Energy, Just Do It, Yes Magic; but the Magic of saying "I'll do it" is very similar to the magic inside "I hate it" or "I don't want that"

That intense, strong, great feeling that I feel towards Sex, I would like to transfer it to an art, but even excessive sex tires, well, if it is done with the same cow ...

Pluto: "Nothing good is born from hatred." Then what if people take advantage of us? Should we use brute force to prevent that, without feeling hatred? What I really need is to wish to work, without looking for self-excuses.

Some things that makes my intellect to stall and choose wrong decisions are : sex, rejection, vagrancy, libido, money, to lose, materialistic women, envy, greed. In Pluto, an AI keeps sleeping until extreme feelings are injected to it, but what if it comes another opposite extreme feeling that put that AI to sleep again?

If nothing good is born from hatred, then we should not hate what harm our development, right? To seek good points inside bad things is not enough! Instincts and impulses take us to extremes!

Equilibrium is an intelligent choice, although it promotes inertia (better that than to fail), but if we go to extremes, we can perceive unknown answers. But there are some hindrances or defects, like fatigue and hunger, that slow us in our path to extremes!

Nothing in life is free. Cars need maintenance, painting, fuel, oil, coolant, lights, ... so our body, dreams and goals!

Ideas, thoughts and feelings are like light in our dark path, seeds in our fertile soil, and pieces for the machine of ideals that we are. So we need to work for our dreams, because they are not free. If you rest enough, you can have better ideas. Rest is necessary, but it takes some of our time.

Nothing is free. Time is the universal payment method, but we also pay with feelings: the risk of either instant or future suffering. Hey, as time passes by, my desire towards women increases. Why?

I am trying to elaborate a list of things that increments my "desires": education, genes, advertising, ... While I was elaborating this list, I remembered when I recently felt the pleasure of randomness in chat! That pleasure started when more than four people wrote comments about my nonsense messages.

People that shows you esteem also increments your desires, and also your motivation for goals. Wow, and this thought was generated from that chat comment! Our thoughts are always connected: they follow a seemingly unknown or obscure order ...

Every new idea will be related to a previous thought, as the same way all my conclusions are related to my desire to find the eternal source of motivation!

To reduce one kind of motivation, and to increase another: Which way to go: Balance or Extremes?

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