Saturday, May 1, 2010

Laught Movie #27

"There's something about Mary" is in #27 of AFI's 100 Years - 100 Laughs.

I really like "The Love Guru", even after I knew that movie was highly criticized. I wanted to know what does Mary have that Pitka doesn't.

I recall many funny things. Some looked disgusting, like making fun with bad events occurred to one of the main characters and how fast you can advance when you use lies. Even though, I started to respected the movie after this question was uttered:

"Did you hire Pat Healy to spy on me?"

Because I was interested to see how he was going to clean his image and name for Mary.

I liked the singers more and more as the story advanced. Each character got what it deserved. The ending was happy, but it seemed overacted and a little forced. Well, I think that is something that all comedies have in common: their endings are either forced or cliché.

For my point of view, one movie promotes Sacrifice and the other promotes Joy of Child.

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