Saturday, May 15, 2010

"The Last Supper" Man

Reference to my joke in the title:

I have seen Superman Returns movie. I really don't like to underestimate coincidences, like must people do, and in this time, I have found one related to Planet Krypton and Planet Vegeta, and, even knowing that they were not born in Earth, both Goku and Superman love this planet. When I see things like these, I think that Japan is copying some stories from United States...

Some extracts of quotes:
  • God doesn't share His power
  • In jail, my knowledge worth less than a piece of metal and cigarettes
  • Don't alarm. It is normal
  • They don't need superman, but they cry for one
  • Mind over muscle
  • Krrrrryptonite!

If Lex Lutor is the wolf, then is Superman the vampire? Never underestimate the perseverance of a wolf!

When I saw Superman falling towards earth and sea, I recalled the phrase "Fallen Angel" and Jiraiya... and also that I want to jump from a parachute and learn how to swim!! XD

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