Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Lord" of Flies, flew and left us alone...

I have seen "Lord of the Flies" ... !@#$%^&*())_+{}:"|<>?`-=[];'\,./

This is exactly what I think will happen with our beloved Earth! Since the start, the fire was a signal!

I will stop now because, if I keep going, I will put inside this entry the whole UTF-32 Chart (Uhat The F#$%?) I got some laughs with Se7en, but even though this is another type of "Divine Comedy", I got mad with it. Also, after you see this movie, try to remember the "Over here!" moment... Why does God let bad things to happen? Why does He make those sadistic jokes? If you have seen Monster anime, then you'll understand this: maybe we are in God's Kinderheim 511.

We all only keep trying to look into differences instead of looking into similarities! Balance Everything! Don't turn the tide blindly to one side or the other. That is what I think, but it is also a Contradiction, because if we don't do it, then there won't be Progress... Can you see how a "right" decision can become "wrong", but in some aspects can return to be "right"? This movie is another evidence for myself that any enlightening situation can be seen either as "Wow", or "Bah."

Some phrases:
  • ... too many people are screwing around ... (could be "reading" screwing around?)
  • There's eight million "islands" out here...
  • Both March Songs in the movie were funny.
  • Over here! ... Hey, man, we were hunting.
  • If you don't stand up to him, you're just another one of his slaves. (what Jack did!)
  • What are you guys doing? (it looks like Cannibalism... Hannibal Lecter anyone?)
If there are really Powerful, Intelligent and Advanced Entities living in other planets, they will know for sure the greatest value of planets (for some Greek philosophers, some planets were Gods!) and they will come to Earth if they think something really dangerous is happening to the planet, just like The Day The Earth Stood Still movie.

Do you want to try it out? Even if they come, many of us will be punished from them. Or maybe they would let the whole Earth explode...

Haven't you feel how "magically" Noah has built his Arc to save some animals and people? Or how "magically" Lot was saved from Sodom? Or when Moses opened up the Red Sea? Can you make an analogy with Klaatu? Or with the ending of "Lord of Flies" movie? Don't you feel how "magically" we have anything we need to keep alive for many years? Swimming seems to be a kind of food... and a polluting act.

Lot's story fits more than a certain alternative I read about the origin of Adam and Eve, except that they were relatives...

I have now seen the vice cycle of "our" Universe: There are tons of evidence that many great people used to AFFIRM that there exists Real Powerful and Intelligent Entities in the Universe, but many people ignored, and still will continue to do so until...

"When Father's out, Kids make a Party", but if you leave kids alone, then they can "start to play with matches." In this case, kids can have two extremes. First extreme is to do exactly what Father said. Second extreme is to realize that kids will be alone for a very long time. Second starts to forget the teachings of and feel hatred for Father. First insists that Second is acting mad, but Second is alone and doesn't care about it, because Second does anything he can to survive (but ignores that Father built a house and left food). With this Wrath, Second attempts to beat First. While getting beat, First, who has been acting exactly as Father commanded, and seeing how everything he learned was for nothing, First says "Father, why have you forsaken me?" (recalling Chop Suey, from System of a Down - It seems to fit also in this movie). But the magical thing is that, if Father appear in that very moment, Second will magically also say "Father, why have you forsaken me?"

On the Internet I read that Lord of Flies book is a recommended reading in many schools. Nevertheless, I have never known about this book when I was a kid. If I ask to some of my literature teachers from school if they taught "Lord of Flies" book, they might blindly say Yes, and that I hadn't put enough attention. If that's the Truth, then I forgot it, but if that's a Lie, the education system is downgrading... Some schools might teach about this story, but if the message can't be spread, then it was for nothing, although the message might be inside somebody's psyche until it finds its way to fly out...

Some thoughts that people with a Second attitude will have after they saw this movie will be "Now we are adults. We are the soldiers." ( but not "We are the world. We are the children.") But if it is shown the real way, then they will say "Hey! Don't believe that silly science-fiction crap", or the most modern complain, "No girls! Too gay!" Now I know what some religions meant when they say "The origins of Universe and God are so simple, that we can't believe or understand them."

I can't help it, but I got INCREDIBLY AMAZED when I saw fight of Ralph and Jack in front of Piggy, and compared it with Sasuke and Naruto (respectively) ... Innocently, this movie has too many metaphors!

PS: Beelzebub is "Lord of Flies", and that term is related to evil... how many things have been taken as evil, but they weren't? ... ironically and funny, the next movie I have in queue to see is The Never Ending Story...

PPS: I want to play King Of Fighters and use Ralph's Galactic Phantom.

PPPS: This PPS thing was learned from Mary and Max movie... :-P

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