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The Never Ending Ocarina Of Time!

Alert: this post is too personal. It might contain too much bullshit.

I was trying to note what I think while I see The Never Ending Story movie, and to try to compare it with some of my thoughts from childhood, because the only concrete thing that I recalled was that I felt a deep and profound story the moment I saw it when I was a child. In my mind, pieces appear randomly, and I try to put them in order, just like a Jig-Saw, or Tetris. I started adding notes, but ended doing a mess of thoughts that it seems it will take a long time to get in order. I always believe that thoughts, like anger, clever or crazy, can hide interesting ideas.
  • this book is not for you (my eyes are getting wet)
  • No, not too much. We still have a long way to go.
  • Don't let the Sadness of the Swamps get to you (DKC2)
  • Atreyu wouldn't quit now
  • How did all this happen? With Luck (Wink!)
  • Only 9,891
  • Never give up, and good luck will find you (go down fighting)
  • It's to hurt if it's to heal (La Mole, Orochimaru, Dr. Lizard, I thought in Hal, but it was Triton from One Piece)
  • To the winch, wench
  • Be confident
  • What if they really do know about me in Fantasia?
  • Fantasia has no boundaries
  • Why is Fantasia dying then?
  • People who has no hope are easy to control
  • I am the servant of the power behind the nothing.
  • That was the end of Fantasia
  • It was the only way to get in touch with an earthling
  • ...others are sharing his
  • ...that one little boy could be that important
  • He's already chosen it
  • As many as you want. The more wishes you make, the more magnificent Fantasia will become
i felt identified with bastian

atreyu is link in ocarina of time

Auryn - wingw-auryn leviosa

chile easter island stones

people will try to hunt only for all the defects in the movie, but will ignore the message and the impression they tried to transmit. Maybe now I'm ready to see Star Wars, from Ronald ACS.

sadness of the swamps. Artax and the swamps moved me right now. I cried with Bastian.

Morla is like E.T.! Another must to see. It's a Turtle, like KameKun.

What? they heard Bastian Scare Cry? Nice, they showed how to get into the mind of the child, or the reader!

It can scare kids, but I think that is a too great story for starting kids.

Neo and Smith - Atreyu and Gmork - Yin and Yang: recursion of Nothing to the correct level, and to make it impressive for some, and that it can make it evident and ignored. Once again, stories must be read twice, and after some long time. I was writing while Bastian was reading.

I have read that directors are killing us with recycled stories. If that's true, they why they keep recycling them? MAYBE BECAUSE HUMANITY HAVEN'T STILL GOT THE MESSAGE OF IT!

God sent his first ship, Falco, and Atreyu grabbed it ASAP

Mikey and Pluto, Astro Boy and Jump, Casshern and Friender, Atreyu and Falco (Falkor, like a Dog-Dragon),

Now I know why I never forgot Falco. Hey I have noticed how language gets truncated with time. Black rappers do it, and dialects too!

I saw Naruto and the two old little toads!!

Southern Oracle - Matrix Oracle

Old Women doing the Hard Work to push the Old Man up?

Observatory to Astronomy. I recalled "Chapulin Colorado Chiquitolina", and now "hobbits"

The sphinxes reminded me the eye laser on Zelda, allegory on the game's challenges? Maybe the purity of the heart to get to the Inner Light is the meaning of the sphinx?

Goku purity of heart.

"Father, into your hands I commend my Spirit"

Magic Mirror Gate!! OCARINA AGAIN! Besides Zelda, I was always looking for another story that resembles Dark Naruto! Still, I don't know the story of Dark Ryu.

Ingredients in this post seems un-connect-able, but I think I will cook something interesting in the future, even if it's only for My Self.

In which circumstances a man can elaborate a colorful story like that? On drugs?

Not too much computer effects. That's why they feel alive and real.

What Atreyu saw at the mirror was the image of the reader?? These stories are seeds to plant into the heads of writers! Include readers into your story and take their feelings to the extreme!

"Now, this is going too far." Reactions like that is what people feel when they are confronted with disgusting truths. It is like when you light up your bedroom and find many insects and bugs inside it. But like in Moon said to Huo Yuanjia: because, "If you're sad", my Grandma told me "then cry", "After you cry, you still have to live life"

When was the first time I saw this movie? Before my vice with video games, before I was 11. I was loosing my vice, and this movie reminded it to me.

I recall a torment when Bastian was reading. Also, I compared Falkor with DBZ Shenlong.

"The Empress needs a name" Empress looks like Enterprise or "Empresa" in Spanish. Then the writers enterprise needs a new name? Also, I learned that Name is a pilot script in Bakuman manga... but "Empress" and "Name" can be exchanged with "Dream" and "Focus/How"

Although Fantasies can look imperfect, they are necessary to transmit the correct impression. I recalled all those rare things that we think, like orcs, gollums, hobbits, entz, bugs, etc. They are ugly but somehow, I feel that they are really needed.

The Bastian Storm was when reading "Sea of Possibilities" Possibilities are infinite!! I recalled the book "Who stole my cheese", and How I wanted to become a child. I recalled two girls in my school that sung "tienes que ser un niño". Some time ago, I wanted to feel like a child. Love Guru refreshed me that idea, and I was almost forgetting it.

LOL the Auryn was lost! Naruto necklace was also lost! Atreyu looks like young Servando and Florentino.

I recalled Link at the Valley of Death, but after the Sea Of Possibilities.

Each time I see The Rock Man, I recall "La Mole" or "The Thing"

I also recall Indiana Jones from time to time.

Still, if you try to do a movie like that right now in 2010, and only using superposition and physical background effects, it will be still a expensive movie to do.

Recursion of story writing that I thought when I read Bakuman, and also recalled Issac from Heroes.

"Little Red Riding Hood" Painting Twist! They have been shown Bastian there, to transmit the impression to the watcher, also! But I can't demand too much from 1982 cinema. What a coincidence...

When I saw Gmork, I recalled Splinter from Ninja Turtles, and Pluto manga, and Kerberos from Eyeshield 21; and Princess Mononoke when Falkor appeared after that.

When I recall about the origin of this movie, I also recalled Kinderheim 511 experimients in Monster manga, and Steiner the Magnificent.

Recalled also Mario Bros world 2-2 when Falkor found Auryn.

"That was the end of Fantasia." Instead, I really felt like Earth exploded. After that, when I saw the Ivory Tower, I have recalled some blogs and writings that say: "If you have arrived at this point, then I feel proud of you, and I felt I accomplish something." There's is still Hope.

Also I recalled a Bachata from Anthony Santos "Predica, que todavia hay luz."

When Falkor said "Go on" I recalled Toruk Makto from Avatar, and how I joked about Neytiri starting to respect Jake Sully after seeing "The Hummer". I recalled that I haven't seen neither Terminator Salvation nor Twilight nor Saw movies...

Dragon, the Dragon of Luck, Bugs Bunny, the Rabbit of Luck... 8-Mile B-Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole.

Inside Ivory Tower, Atreyu looks like Basshunter, and Empress recalls Nicole Kidman, and some superior beings that appeared in Assassin's Creed.

"Why you look so sad?" made me recall Thiaoouba Prophecy eBook.

I don't know what to think when I heard Empress to say Bastian. The first impression was "It's a child's tale", then "If they were to choose a name, they should be left it open". I now understand the message a little better, but how can we make an history in which the reader feels that he forms part of it? As I see it now: Atreyu --> Video Games. The next step is, either a model of yourself in the story, or you playing in a First Person View mode with a helmet. Life is like a Game, a long one, and sometimes it feels short. Life is like Chess, as Benjamin Franklin said.

I recalled when Ichigo couldn't hear his Zankapatou name in the moment I couldn't hear the new name for the Empress. I now saw another storm, the storm I recall from when I was a child, I think it is this one.

I also recall how some unseen but realistic ideas that I think occur after a couple of years.

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  1. Duuude, you were right...just too much bullshit, I'm sorry but I didn't read it all...but I do know the story of Dark Ruy, next time we met remind me to tell you.