Thursday, May 6, 2010


Main religions and laws promote monogamy (i.e. only one husband and wife). I heard that some institutions and churches impart marital courses, and they have costs; if there are problems between a married couple, there are marital treatments or courses.

But what about living as a single? There are moral compromises that some would like to test or break, even for some small moments, or more. Some restraints include:
  • You should have only one woman
  • It's a bad act to look for sexual workers
  • Divorce exists and it is more expensive
  • VIH and AIDS
  • You shall never covert your neighbor's wife (not even in your mind)
  • You can't touch any woman you want
  • If you look at women too much, you'll accused for sexual harassment
  • Some Kama Sutra positions
  • Eating plants and animals grown with special hormones
I think women can elaborate a special list like this one.

What will men do with all that suppressed "power"? Money and Drinks have made "things" easier, but those things are morally incorrect. If your woman wants to wait some time, and you are in a "need", you will need to find solace, and that is morally incorrect. Also, you should never get married only for "that" need, because that will be a Divorce Prelude.

Then you must choose to live either moralist or extrovert. What will happen if you suppress your feelings towards women too much? What will happen if you keep avoiding those immoral actions for too long?

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