Thursday, May 6, 2010

I "Saw" Se7en

Yesterday, I was looking for the 7 deadly sins, because I normally have problems remembering the spanish translations of Sloth and Wrath (what a coincidence) I don't know if I should feel happy or sad about my bad memory.

Se7en was recommended by a coworker. It was in my list of Twister Endings movies to see, like, for example, American Psycho (seen) and Memento (yet to see) and specially The Unusual Suspects (seen!)

I really like when movies can explain the change of determination that people might have in their life in a logically and clearly and believable way. Also, the movie starts to catch speed after 1:08, and boy, what a speed!

Some phrases:
  • You won't quit because you believe, but you wanna believe it because you'll quit!
  • Detective! You are looking for me. (Roger 'Verbal' Kint!!!)
  • There he seats. It's not supposed to make any sense (LOL. and like Yoda!)
  • For the first time ever, you and I are in total agreement (LOL)
  • Frankly, I am inclined to let them rot (LOL)
  • The law requires me to serve my clients... (LOL, The devil's advocate)
  • If John's head splits and an UFO come out, believe it! (USA Naruto)
  • Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore...
  • Oh, he didn't know (I feel guilty, because John's amusement face made me laugh)
I will stop here. Many LOLs after the appearance of Kevin Spacey... Unusual Suspects, American Beauty, K-Pax, The Negotiator... I didn't want to see Spacey as Lutor, but now I have enough motives to try that Superman version.

When I heard the lawyer talk, what I felt in that moment was exactly what I think about laws and lawyers: the possibility to "legally" take advantage of some holes in our system... A moment latter, when they talked about "taps on shoulders", I was also agreed with that kind of thought: when people perceive big and tragical events, it's when they listen. (Watchmen, Heroes, 911...)

On "Pride", I recalled when my friend KameKun talked to (and recommended) me about Saw hexalogy. In this movie, from time to time, I recalled the Dark Knight's Joker philosophy, and I reminded (again) John Anderton emotive moment in Minority Report. In Se7en, since the lawyer appeared, I was thinking in David Mills' family.

I am almost believing that the coworker that recommended the movie thinks that I have the same personality of John Doe... another one compared me with Edmond... another with Max Jerry Horowitz... in Facebook some said I am "Likely to Become" a Gangster... another one with Musaman... another called mi Asperger... What's happening? Do I look like a Killer or a Murderer? Even though, I would like to live like Jiraiya...

I wrote about a dream I've got some days ago. Each of the coworkers in the dream recommended me Edmond and Se7en, respectively... I was trying to forget that nightmare, but now, it seems some events are trying to recall it.

That dream? Firefighters? Game of Words? One of my previous jobs? The picture in My Garage, Miti Miti - Encendia ... It seems like bad news will arrive. I'm getting nervous, but I must control my anxiety. As my great-grandmother recommended me to say: "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit!"

If this movie was an emulation of "The Divine Comedy", then it pulled some laughs from me. I know this is bad, but it goes into extremes too high that I feel it funny... although I thought David Mills was going to die by himself...

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