Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Last "Atreyu" From Earth

After I saw Never Ending Story (first movie), I started to dream about how could somebody write something like that, that can give the same impression for adults as that story created on kids.

A friend of mine, KameKun, recommended me The Last Man From Earth movie. I can assure you that you can bring something useful for yourself after you see this movie. The most important thing I need to study about this movie is how to organize things you say, in a order that all people listening them will be able to understand you, and believe you.

If all is possible, and all these things have happened, then somebody must be desperately hunting for that last man. If not, then the way he organized the story is at the scale of an illusionist or a magician, because it is almost believable.
  • Aristarchus long before that. (story is getting sharp)
  • Yochanan
Now, impressively, I have recalled something I wrote some time ago. I called that story Immortal Rich. Recently, I have commented in my actual job how much I like dialogs in textbooks. Well, this movie is all dialog!

After you see this movie, haven't you felt how your mind tries to fly towards all those moments that John described? I really like that kind of jumps...

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