Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My First Story: Immortal Rich

Methodology inspired by manga "Monster" and "Le monstre sans nom" story, which is inside the manga:

There was an Immortal Master Child.

People don't believe any teachings of this Master because of his appearance.

He is immortal and learned many things to gain fortune.

One day, three people went to him and became his students.

He said them "I have a method which can make you rich for sure, but it lasts 60 years. In the first part you will learn and practice; second part is execution of what you learned; third and last part is management."

"Practice. Execution. Management."

Student 1 was silly, and for that, he was the one how taken more time to become rich.

Student 2 was methodical, and for that, he achieved his richness on the right time.

Student 3 was hasty, and for that, he was the first one to become rich.

When students where near 80, they met and talked about what they have achieved. All of them were unsatisfied, and also had same question: "Why our master is not rich?"

Students ask him why the master is not rich. He said "I am the only immortal in the world. I might be happy with many people. I want to share all things that I have got with people who I love, but they always die."

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