Monday, September 7, 2009

Job? Favor!

If I have some coins, and someone beg my money, I might give them a few, even if I know they will buy drugs with it. Do you think I am mad? Kids beg for candies, drunkards for alcohol. There are many beggers in the world. I wish I never be a begger, but if I were one, I would like to get help, and I would be happy if I receive it. So, I do it for that happiness.

And then I was thinking: What kind of things you would do that not many people in your world would, and why? Then I arrived to the idea of doing things by favor.

Don't look it as hard work. Look it as a favor you are trying to do to someone. Think that you are trying to help someone to reach at least one of their dreams. Maybe their dreams are not the same as yours, but they have dreams too, and trying to help someone on his dreams is somewhat... rewarding.

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