Sunday, July 19, 2009

Talk #1: Doubts and Tests.

I was reading one of those forwarded emails about miracles that God make into the lifes of some people. I was complaining about not being able to witness that Power of God in some way, and then, a kind of talk I am going to baptize as "Talks with my Higher Self" was originated...

This is not the first time I have got these types of talks. Normally, I start them in spanish. So, this is my translations of my writings.

Prepare yourself to witness a kind of "Solo talking". This is the first longest entry of this blog.

Warning: sometimes I feel I am talking with God, but I can't prove if He is the one who is aswering my questions. To keep the same feeling, these talks will be kept the same way. Please forgive me if this bothers you.

- Do you have any doubts about My Power?
- I don't have doubts about it, instead I would want more people be aware of Your Presence and Power, and so, they believe and be conscious about that there is something more Powerful that the things people can see.
- Why do you feel that way?
- I feel angry about being not able to prove Your Power. You complain about humans being obssesed with touching, seeing and feeling. So, I want an explatation: What is the point of creating Material Reality, if we can't materially believe in something? Could it be that we should not believe in anything? Not even in You?
- Nothing can make me sure that you will choose the right path, even after I give you the physical prove that you wish too much. So, Why should I give that evidence, anyway?
- I have to have faith. Ok. What about You? Can't You have Faith in me? I know I will stumble many times. But you know I am conscious You see what I do...
- Then Forward that email!!! What stops you from forwarding it is the same thing that stops you from being a workaholic: Doubt and possibility of people ignoring what you did. Remember: although many important people for you ignore it, it will always exist somebody that is paying attention to you, and normally, you don't know who that person is.
- Then, what should I do about that person?
- Start preparing the quickest way to make that person know all the good things you have learned about life, and get it ready when the physical contact happens.
- Ok. Some of the things could be:
a) God exists, and He likes when we talk a lot with him. ;-)
b) Live you life as you are giving an example to people.
c) The conflict between Materiality and Spirituality...
- Great! But don't forget to tell them that God gives you signals and test for both, to test your Faith, and for you to test yourself of what you are capable of.
- When I think about things like this, I get shivers in my body. As I can't explain them, I like to think that God is caressing me... the same way I would caress a pet... I have failed many times to many people, and maybe I will fail a lot more in the future.
- But everything is not lost yet. Keep building your way and being aware of all the things you know. ;-)

You could think this is paranoic, but this is what I feel. And also, If you think that way, that same paranoia said me to show you another entry of me: When "worlds colide", philosophy is born

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