Friday, August 21, 2009

Motivation? Suicide!

Life offers many good things, directly or not, if you are conscious or not. Of course, there are bad things in life too. In those cases, remember: "Father, into your hands i commend my spirit.", and start walking your frightening path in life.

If we forget about corporal torture and the physical world, and focus only in the realm of thoughts, what things do we have that all fictional super heroes don't? Moral suicide.

You are able to withstand lust, violence, misery, ignorance, selfishness, pride, hate, arrogance, envy, deceit, filth, cruelty,... Do you need anything more powerful than that? Yes you do: your ideals and final goal in your life.

Motivations for committing suicide are so big that they can blind us. That is the same kind of motivation I need to chase my dreams.

Suicide... to live like a martyr and die only for your ideals. To be able to give or lose your life, only for the sake of your dreams.

Suicide... to be able to lose your life simply because of your way of thinking or ideals, and give it with such a satisfaction that the least thing people can think about is: you are so crazy!

Suicide... to make whatever you do a vice or obsession because it has the possibility to make many of your wishes come true.

Moral suicide in society due to your way of thinking. Honor suicide: to risk yourself to talk with an unknown person could be fatal... they can hurt your body, or even worse, your feelings...

What is the reason that can make me act the fool in front of a group of people that doesn't even know me, only for the sake of trying to know something they could think as silly and/or stupid? My final goal in life.

Because of your ideals, you are willing to be humiliated. Possibly, my ideals are not very inspiring, but I remember 2002, when I thought about committing suicide... If only I could put that kind of intense desire in my goals in life...

If, in any time of your life, you have thought in committing suicide, it indicates that you have the potential to reach the limit in anything you feel motivated enough. Although I am not sure about this, I think the solution to increase our motivation could be hidden inside any kind of moral, social, or honor suicide, that could be stopping you to get your focus in the right direction. Forget about losing your life. I talk about losing some habits.

You may not stand tortures, but you can stand humiliations; have no powers, but abilities; You have total control of your mind, spirit, emotions, and things you can do with your body. And, also, you have your ideals and dreams.

Why have many people in history lost their lives in some kind of suicide? Because they feel the best way to make their dreams come true is to make that kind of sacrifice, or suicide. Patriotism? No. Again, it's because of your ideals, your dreams.

Give the highest value to your life, and a higher value to your final goal in life, no matter what it is.

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