Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What cross do we wish to carry?

Everyone has something in their lives, capable of making them living in the pits of hell by their own free will. Something that can make us do incredible and unthinkable things, even though our experience have tell us that path is not good enough.

That something generates a force to move us so big that, even in problematic situations which can appear in our way to our "hell", instead of giving up our efforts, our stubbornness still pushes ourselves to continue carrying that cross!

Maybe the things are this way because the end of that road lead us to achieve a dream we had from a long time ago, a dream not reached, a dream one thinks is still able to catch, even after passing so long time.

In this attitude I found two interesting questions: 1) What will I do after I have achieved that dream? and 2) What will be the thing that stops me from falling into that hole? A third question exists, but right now, I don't really want to think what I will do if I can't achieve that dream.

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