Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yin-Yang saves me again!

All good has something evil, and/but all evil has something good. I have known this "law" for some time, but it seems that I have forgotten something interesting about that: for Auto-Motivation, this law could be good.

Trying to find good points of view from a disgusting event you have to withstand everyday, can help you enough in the rise of motivation. Make a list of those good points. Just make sure to find something good, beneficial and motivating for each exception you could encounter when looking for good points. Try not to use the same good point to match many bad ones. If you have many bad points, find at least, the same amount of good points.

Although Yin-Yang law is an useful and interesting one, it increases our level of skepticism from things around us, or over-confidence. A law that applies to itself!! :D

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