Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"C'est la vie": A lazy answer

"To keep open some doors you want to close, is as disgusting as to keep closed those doors you want to open."
Ignacio Cortorreal
(If not, correct me)

"Why is hard to work?" Because "C'est la vie"? Because "it's the law"? If you love to answer this way, I will say you this: No! Wrong answer! When you respond in this way, you are trying to explain too much in less than three seconds. You are totally forgetting every possible possibility or exception, and when exceptions appear, the first answer it comes to mind is "That's another different thing.", which is partially good because, although exceptions could be complex, these exceptions also belong to the answer of the question "Why is hard to work?"

Sometimes we make mistakes. Some people think we should be punished, and others say that we deserve mercy, ourselves included. ;-D ... Although, I believe that the next three points should be analyzed before granting or denying mercy.
  • If you make mistakes without being adviced before, your mentor has part of the guilt.
  • If you make mistakes after being adviced, the guilt belongs to you
  • As we are human, we can be forgiven up to certain point
To make an example of something I think could be a mistake, let's have a look at this conversation:

- Dad?
- Hmm?
- We're pals, right?
- Right.
- And we'll always be together, right?
- Simba, let me tell you something that my father told me: Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars.
- Really?
- Yes.
- So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you. And so will I.

(Thanks to arkymedes for the subtitle)

Can you see how Mufasa answers that difficult question to Simba in The Lion King? That dialog could have happened this way, but in real life:

- Dad, will you always be with me?
- No
- Why
- Because everybody dies. I will, someday.
- You will die! Oh no! Why you have to die?
- Because "c'est la vie"

And then, Simba should start to blame God for the "erratic" way in which Life was created. But no! Instead, our little kid, now that he knows that "our life is temporary" and that "he will die someday", he starts to make other people suffer for his own profit, and then some subjects ask him "Why are you so mad?" Which could you think will be his answer? You are right: "c'est la vie!"

"Sometimes there are people who don't want to listen. But also, there are people who don't want to talk."
Ignacio Cortorreal (If not, correct me)

When I talk like this, I now see what Moses was trying to teach with those Ten Commandments. But, for some reason, people started to walk away from those Commandments, and now we see Zeal, Hatred, Envy, Anger everywhere. I can bet that it started when some disciples of Moses started to use "c'est la vie" or "that's the law" as an answer.

"The Ten Commandments are really good. The problem is that each one of Them have many exceptions. And every exception should be explained. If not, people could develop wrong explanations."
Ignacio Cortorreal (If not, correct me)

Do you remember those funny moments when kids start to ask these two lovely questions "What is that?" and "Why?" It gives me chills to think how the disposition to reach the bottom of any deep topic is hardwired inside the personality of each one of us. I believe that "You ask too much" is a devastating answer, but "I don't know" is a phrase that everyone says with shame... Life is really complex, but the funny part is that we can learn and enjoy many things.

"My destiny is my only enemy. Cuantas veces yo caí, pero proseguí.
A fuerza de golpes yo crecí, no debió de ser así,
pero le doy gracias al destino por todo lo que sufrí."


  1. Te la comite con la cita de Yomo al final del post...cogi el tema en serio casi completo pero cuando lei lo de Yomo al final me eplote de la risa.

  2. Me gustaría entender el chiste, para reirme yo también...