Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Mighty Order of Universe

There is certain order in Nature and Universe, and I am sure this order was created by Something powerful, Something I might never know. This order is the evidence of Its existence. I don't know how to call It. Many religions and countries have given names to Him. In Dominican Republic, the main religion is Catholicism. Because I don't know the correct way to name That Powerful Entity, I will call It like everybody does here: God.

Does that Powerful Entity of Order, with all of Its Mighty Power, may create a stone so heavy that cannot be moved? Many people would say "This is one prove of His doubtful Omnipotence", but others may say "He doesn't need to create useless things." Then, why it is so hard to eradicate all errors that still exist in our beloved Earth: hatred, hunger, pollution... Is that stone too heavy for "God"? There could be many other heavy stones for Its Power, but the one I have spotted is The Freedom Of Choice.

Another evidence of Its Powerful Existence is that everything decays, but bad things decays faster. Ok, I agree that Nothing is eternal, but why should we accelerate destruction of Earth? Every good invention is instantly used as a weapon for wars. Now I know why abilities like light-speed travel, anti-gravitation, ultra-sound and even cell regeneration might have been lost: because "The majority of the stupid is invincible and guaranteed for all time", as Einstein said, and each powerful knowledge might land on unscrupulous minds...

Money and Control are needed, but it should be used for well-being of everything in our world, including it, and maybe Universe too. Maybe people like me should not be writing and polluting the web, but at least I'm not killing anybody (as Thomas Edison said). Of course, there are better and less environment-polluting alternatives but, if telepathy also existed, and its teachers are hiding it, then it has been exchanged for Internet.

Although this big stone cannot be moved, it is not eternal. It will start to decay someday and that process can even be helped to get faster than usual. If I were a God, I won't be interested in a world unable to unify themselves to solve their problems. I will cease to help them until they change or die, whatever come first. I might try to avoid that corruption to land on a better world, although even on great worlds, meteors can collide... is a meteor accidental or intentional?

To achieve a 100% of something is an illusion that you should forget, because nothing is eternally perfect. You never wash all your clothes, because the one that you have put on will stay dirty until the next washing session. If you can wash your clothes naked, then they are not needed.

There is no hope. People only unite when they contemplate catastrophes and holocausts. Precautions get forgotten when something rarely occurs, even if it's something as big and important as world destruction. People only use locks after they got robbed...

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