Saturday, June 5, 2010

Improving curiosity of "kids"

Money, Satellites, Vices, Limo-Hummer... either to look for or create inventions. Some hunt inventions for money; others for fame and acknowledgment; others, by pleasure; others by needs; others promote inventions to win money; others desperately look for inventions to become rich (they search for them all over the world), but discoveries are born from needs, learning and education. How could you wish that inventors flourish, if the only thing they have in mind is MONEY, not MESSAGE?

The game of adults is so promoted, that we all forget that we were children and, instead of showing to our children why some things are bad, we blindly forbid them, and by that time we also forget that those prohibitions were what motivated us to act opposite to our parents when we were little kids.

This is a Vice Cycle because, in many aspects, searchers and parents are also, although offensive, our bosses.

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