Friday, September 10, 2010

Sacrifice, Weapon, Recovery

Today, in The Great Pawn Hunter's web page, I was reading Decoy: Chess with Style, and then all the Knights section in the Lessons page. I re-re-leaned the forgotten sacrifice-weapon-recovery principle I learned in 2002. I was re-dazzled again about how nice and beautiful some sacrifices can become... and also, in how similar they are to some aspects of life.

You must notice that whatever you sacrifice is not in vain. A plain sacrifice, because it has meaning, it has a purpose.

In Naruto Manga, Asuma explains what is his duty in the village (a sacrificial piece) and who is the most valuable piece in his game of life. Shikamaru got it wrong until Asuma finally explained his thoughts.

These children of the atom are making great philosophical stories since Tetsuwan Atomu (Mighty Atom). Mighty Atom was renamed to Astro Boy in United States. What do you think could be the reason behind that name change?

And still those powerful robots can't imagine a world without money and wars, because they want to be heads and managers of Earth by keeping poverty... As Maquiavelli said, "It is better to be feared than loved", right? I wouldn't like to be respected by fear, or to be so powerful that I fear of being alone, without enough reliable people near me.

There's no enough imagination. We humans are so crippled that we can only imagine that this is the only one way to live our lives. Respect, tolerance, acceptance and communication.
Now, each one have needs, and exchanges or sacrifices to make.

Understanding between everybody is better than any kind of money. if I could communicate with all animals and bugs, I probably would not need to kill them. But they can't imagine a new civilization. (a song about this line?)

I know the risk of losing all good things I have achieved and kept. It's just like when I don't want to lose rating on Free Internet Chess Server (FICS), but if I don't risk, I won't improve.

I know that we need to push people to work and do things, and that is not easy to change from one way to another. But also, Creativity doesn't light up too well under anxiety or pressure. Each idea should be stored and pondered from time to time when they appear on our heads.

I think I wrote about "storing all ideas of the world, even crazy ones" some time ago, but I can't remember when It was. And I'm not talking about "Web of Ideas", but something else.

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