Saturday, December 11, 2010

Something Vs. Nothing

(Reading Creation, Optimism, Sacrifice can help to put yourself in the right perspective)

People only dream about being the best, about being the strongest. They are hypnotized with that false illusion of being the best. Human beings have many limitations. You can be really good in one aspect, but also you are so bad in some other aspects.

Also, no human lives forever, nobody is eternal. Do you want to live destroying others life? I wish that you don't get embarrassed when you get old.

Why do people like to destroy? Maybe because Universe is destined in such a way that all beings live at expense of the weakest ones. So, we have two extremes: have latently strong enemies, or be devoured. I hate being caught in between of two risky extremes. Although, when you compare Nothing vs. Something extremes, it seems clear which is the path to choose.

Is it possible that there's is a Something worse than Nothing?

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