Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Talk #7: Pessimism. Out there..

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- Motivation. E+motion. Fear. And I'm still the same $#!%.
- Remember which attitude made you into your first job in the area you wanted to work.
- And at which age too!
- You still have time
- I'll lose too much time learning, and I'll arrive to the same point.
- You'll arrive there only if you want to. Besides, what could be the opposite side of that point of view?
- I had the same contradictions while making choices. You made me the same question to my anger against the "Eternal Optimism:" Optimism while things go bad, Pessimism while things go bad too, or well-being ignored when things go good?
- No matter the age. If there's still life, then there's still chance. You make it look that you are pessimist on bad situations. People feel you that way, unconsciously.
- Pessimist on bad situations ... (06:41:07) ... People tend to see the glass half-full, to look for Hidden Opportunities inside adversities.
- Yeah. And Work is needed to find them.
- And still, we are revolving into my first problem: Am I losing my time?
- In which way would you like to lose you time: either doing something or doing nothing?
- Either Open Source or Proprietary Software?
- Either making money or not!
- But little money
- It's a lot better than nothing at all. Compare it to the probability of the Universe coming into existence all alone by itself, or to the quote "A little learning is a dangerous thing, but we must take that risk because a little is as much as our biggest heads can hold" (George Bernard Shaw)
- Are we talking about Possibility, Probability, Knowledge, or Money?
- It's a metaphor. Take it or leave it ... (07:06:48) ... Again: There's more possibility out there, than inside here. Do you remember that?
- Oh yes! Thanks!

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