Friday, May 6, 2011

Explanation of my beloved Yin-Yang

This post is dedicated to analyze, challenge and prove all my opinions about this Recursive Yin-Yang shape. This post is going to increase with time, because every time I recall any aspect of this yin-yang, I'm going to add it here.
  • Even though this figure contains different and opposite colors, both of them are important parts of the whole circle. An analogy: 1) Punishment is painful, but necessary; 2)Excellence is great, but it is bad to monopolize it.
  • The circle and sinusoidal dividing line of the two halves represents constant movement, i.e. that nothing is stationary.
  • The circle represents those situations that keep reocuring in your live, let them be either thoughts or actions you keep repeating from time to time.
  • Yin-Yang is a photograph of an object that is constantly changing its shape, but its essential properties stay intact.
  • A Yin-Yang sub-element can change its shape, but it will keep its volume. If one element is going to change its volume, the other sub-elements must change their volumes in a proportionally relative way.
  • Peace and War. Happiness and Sadness... We can't ignore the existence of extremes. We need to keep them present and to study them, in order to learn to cope with them and maintain an equilibrium.
  • It is recursive. The replacement of dots with smaller yin-yangs means that analysis and studies must be applied to each dot, and normally, these dots have their own extremes. In the end, this prompts that the final decision falls upon you.
  • The smaller color inside the bigger color represents those things which may seem tiny or different from the others, but are essential and important for you, and you don't want to lose. In fact, you never lose these, let's say milestones. You only transform them. Common examples are family, crafts and hobbies.
  • In my version, the sinusoidal dividing line has an S shape. It reminds me the shape of dollar sign ($) , and that the S is the first letter of the word Sacrifice.

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