Friday, May 20, 2011

Crybabies get breastfed

In my country there is a saying that goes this way: "If you don't cry, you won't be breastfed."

You have your needs. Your "parents" have their duties. But still you have to cry in order to get what belongs to you.

"Gluttons" can cry only for the sake of being breastfed. Sometimes they even aren't hungry at all.

And that is how our society is. I'm not talking about those situations in which resources are scarce. I say it because this is the common excuse: "We have not enough to give."

One good alternative could be self-service, but that's when battles and wars get into this situation.

Those who must serve meals, either have their own needs, or are gluttons. Some of those "mice" achieve those positions by making promises and compromises. And how do you think they "try" to satisfy those promises? That's right! With us: those who, either for duty or for the love of life, don't cry.

There's nothing to do. This is a jungle made of cement. Survive!

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