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[Thu, Jun 9, 2011 08:56:55]

Yesterday, people threw trash all over the "Carretera de la Victoria" as a sign of protest for the big delay of garbage collecting.

The entrance path to my house is full of litter. At first, I was trying to take a snapshot of it, and use it as a joke. My plan was to tweet this photo with the message: "Check how the entrance to my house looks"

Sometimes I don't like to take photos because, from time to time, snapshots

can be intrusive. But in this case "I thought" it would be an *inofensive* photo... But right at the moment I take that snapshot, a taxi driver passed and shouted:

"He should be cleaning the mess, instead of taking photos. He is problably one of the first people that throws trash there."

Why on earth should I fix that mess? Will people pay me enough for that? That is Municipality's work. Part of our taxes are destined to keep streets clean; but what I can really do is to denounce that disaster.

"I don't mind if they cry for it. In the long run, they will love it, even if they don't give me merit for it." I would like to remind the right context in which I heard that quote. Maybe it was in a movie...

The internet is a technology full of publishing power. An example of a great program, ambition, or project could be to organize people/humanity into a critical mass and non-stopping force, capable of taking its own decision. Although there will always exist unsatisfied people. Many people still believe that internet is fashion, or fad. But we all have heard about how internet is helping people to denounce Gadaffi, haven't we? By analogy, I believe that some time in history, writing was simply perceived as nonsensical modeling, sketchs or scribbles, and mailing was not seem reliable, but then, encryption was born...

PS: I grabbed a photo of that taxi driver in my first attempt, but because of my impulse/instinct, I erased it and threw another one. I even said "You, yourself, screwed up my photo!", but now I know it was perfect... After I started to write this post, I noticed my wrong mistake. Some things work the best in the first attempt.

PSS: the entrance has been cleaned on Mon, Jun 13, 2011.

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