Saturday, October 17, 2009

I only feel good when I swing this sword

In Berserk manga, when Guts expressed this, I was shocked!

Wow, he should be an idiot because of being happy when swinging a sword... a simple and silly task for a simple and silly idiot, right?

I have found four qualities which can make a big difference in that simple and silly task:

Speed: how fast can he move and swing a swordt?
Stamina: how much time can he keep swinging it?
Strength: how hard are things he can cut with one swing?
Specialties: how many types of swings does he have?

People can do any kind of task. Difference is efforts that each person put in that task.

1. If that silly task is what can help to make your dreams come true, it can't be taken lightly.
2. If that simple task is what can help you live in this complicated word, you should improve it.

Keep checking and looking to yourself. Inside yourself, you will find many helpful things you could improve.

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