Thursday, October 8, 2009


Treating serious things talking funny, but measured.

It is not the same to call the devil, than to see him coming.

It is thought and calculated. There won't be a step back.

Ponssy and Kame once said: even though it is not, it looks like it is, and you should avoid it.

I can change! No, you won't
Take me far away! Money and time is needed

The fear of forgiving is the fear of the history being repeated. (Job!)

The fear of coming back to a broken relationship, is the fear of pay back.

She occupies and demand me more time, but that could be fixed, and then she would say that I don't give her enough time and money.

I don't want kids right now.
You should get a better job.
I want a car.
I want to live in DN, or near to it.

Enemisity and Lies

Crossroads: to lie to do what is right?

If someone asks you why you did it, answer that it was personal. Then, they could tell you what they are thinking in that moment.

If you don't want to say "No", then don't do it. Instead, just keep repeating the same indirect comments about that "No".

Sometimes, people delates themselves by bringing negative thoughts!!! (Job!)

Are you leaving me for another woman?
Do you think I was with you for using you?
Yes: then I could continue doing it
No: then, stop thinking about it
And you? No

A sign to make her calm.
Her static way (inertia), and my pressions.

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