Friday, October 23, 2009

A revelation about using mantras

A mantra is a phrase which should be repeated for a long time in our mind. This phrase can be personalized to our needs. In my case, I used it to keep all my focus in my ultimate goal or task.

Many artists create mantra-like songs. Some examples are "Around the world" (Daft Punk), "Push the tempo" (Fatboy Slim) and "Get Get down" (Paul Johnson).

Mantras have some advantages. For example they:
  1. keep our mind clean
  2. help to maintain our focus in our goals
  3. reprogram our subconscious mind
I have thought too much about this chinese proverb, because it is important to keep a clear and focused, and reject all negative thoughts. They are the base of everything we do.

Today, I began using a mantra to detect what things divert my mind from my goals. I decided to keep using completely the day of today.

I started it using a phrase related to what I was doing in a determined moment. Then I chose one general phrase, then another one... I kept choosing phrases until I found one which I feel happy with. Even after finding this happy phrase, I needed to keep improving it, because that phrase kept receiving attacks from my own mind!!

There are things that appears in you mind, trying to get your attention. Things so silly, that you begin to laugh. But I always ask myself: why should be our mind that way? Why our mind is constantly banged with alternative things to think or to do?

How easy is to divert one's mind. I stopped my mantra to write this entry

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