Friday, August 13, 2010


Ogg versus the world: don't fall for open-source FUD

I believe in Communties. The previous link could be the result of scrapping some FSF press releases, but if some things it shows are true, then they prove an Universal Law: that even Entities against some Forces will use any mean to get noticed, including means used exaclty by their Opposition or Enemies.

What to do if both bands have partners in both sides, partners that keep their rivalry ignited? In warfare, this is called Department of Intelligence.

What to do if every idea or action can be misinterpreted? This is because every good act have a bad point of view.

What to do if you try to achieve fame by every possible mean? Will you do a wrong action because your point of view is the right one?

The only True Truth in this Universe are those Needs we will always have.

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