Monday, August 16, 2010

Idea of a Web of Ideas

I was contemplating my sms_list, while I got the idea of a web of ideas. In this web, ideas can be compared and analyzed using synonyms and similar words, to make it easier either acceptance or rejection by applying the rule of the majority.

While I was thinking about that web, I took an example of somebody promoting the idea of 100% Perfect. but instead, I promote 99.99%. I imagined a situation on which a person says that my 99.99% idea is wrong, and that person let me try to explain it, and I choose an example of a wake.

I was trying to continue that story in that previous linear form, but I decided to transform it into a dialog. And so, I did this:

- Your idea is wrong. I can get the 100% of my plan.
- No plan is 100% Perfect.
- Ok. Explain it better.
- I will put an example. Imagine that you are in a wake. Take the opportunity to say some words in that wake and say 'I love God'
- I won't do it because you say it. I'm not your pawn.
- O.K., don't do it. Don't say that you love God. Even in that moment, you will hide your love for Him.
- Why don't you tell it instead?
- Because I don't feel it nice. Also, I'm no the one promoting the 100%
- What does it have to do with 100%?
- Somebody will give you a suggestion which is in concordance with the plan, but because it was exactly that person (me in this case) you will show, bring or find any kinds of blockade, errors and mistakes. You will dismiss the possibility that person shows, and so, that 0.01%.
- Well, to say 'I Love God' in that moment is not completely necessary.
- And there goes that 0.01% away... Also, while you execute your plan, alternatives appear...

It was a nice thought, but this sequence in my head impressed me so much, that I decided to plaster it here.

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