Monday, August 2, 2010

My Highest Thanks

These are three paragraphs I wrote some days ago. I tried my best to express my feelings with them; although they will never be enough to express what I really mean, I wrote them because I don't want to forget them.

"First, I want to thank THE CREATOR, for letting me be able to live the life I have. I know it could be better, but also it could be worse! Sometimes I make this big mistake of forgetting these thanks, but it's because I'm too busy trying to not repeat many of terrenal mistakes, and trying to take note of them. Someday, I could help someone using these notes, or someone could help me to improve my actual status in life that I have defined within these notes. [20100727T1247]"

"Second, I want to take this opportunity to give thanks to all the people capable to create art. Art that digs out from deep of ourselves those feelings of joy, fun, happiness, shame, sadness,... all what makes us still feel human and not robot. Feelings that keep us pushing our limits: writing, painting, music, movies. All my depressions from my former jobs were aliviated by the Art, and the actual one won't be the exception, nor the future one! Thank you all! Like Love, Art will never die!
[7 ARTS]: architecture, sculpture, painting, dance, music, poetry, cinema,"

"Third, I want to thank all and every one of the people who helped me and made possible the level of understanding that guided me through this life. Each one of them put something in me, but I won't name them all because I'm not still on the podium. ;-D

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