Friday, August 13, 2010

Manga War

Best Manga Review: Pluto

I have read Pluto manga. The previous URL inspired me to re-read it again, so I went to OneManga... What a big surprise! They don't offer the manga anymore!

Many other online-reading manga websites have been blocked, and are prohibited to show mangas.

This is my anger.

This is the kind of action that characterize Japanese. This kind of mentality have earned my atomic bombs. :-@

It is like the battle between Open Source and Paid Software (Copyright vs. Community). My solace is that Black Market will always exists. I thought they would improve lessons from Linux, instead of going totally backwards.

Pluto and Robots, equals money.

We users can show our gratitude and pay a fee, but is not acceptable for me to buy the physical manga version, and to wait for those "big robots" to translate our beloved mangas.

Could it be a pressure from U.S.A.? Or an egoist Japanese Nationalism? Or are they zealous because they couldn't see the idea of a big community of international manga evangelists coming through?

Instead of giving merit to those websites that helped them to spread fame, they try to remove or ban a possible right or opportunity.

Unless, of course, that you, "big robots", want to centralize online manga and scanlation.

Next match will be: Anime War.

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