Monday, August 2, 2010

Memento of our Society

I saw Memento.

Good and Evil are playing with all of us humans.

Although we have no vision, we should have a system to test or define our direction. But, any system can be sabotaged.

It's not to choose the best thing for one person, or a country, but for the whole world.

We still keep playing inside this kinder-garden bubble that we (we) have called Earth.

The sad part of all this is that, even if Earth explodes, it will be so hard to reconstruct this knowledge again.

20100813T1103: In another point of view, a possibility I also explored is how could we misinterpret old or former memories or facts of the past with our limited memory. It could also mean that it could be a mistake to try to seek the origin of everything with our current level of development, because we can take that complete beginning as all wrong, as we normally do every time we see any "better" alternative or suggestion.

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